Question to Sledgehammer

World War II PS4

This is getting a boring now, when will the Butcher return.

I need to open closed collections, I have a load of money, just need one of you guys to put it in a loop so he returns every so often to re-open closed packages. 

C’mon Sledgehammer get your fingers out!

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I got excited when I came home from work today, turned on my PS4 and couldn't play because the game had an update....still have NO clue what the update was for, but it sure wasn't for anything like new events, or opening up all the old events, etc.....I'm with you, I wish they would...but, with BO4 out and the "new" Modern Warfare (I use the quotes because Modern Warfare is NOT a new game), I highly doubt they pay any attention to this game any more. 

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They respond on Reddit.  I refuse to open reddit account  when this forum is available.  They should sell bribes again to make money and make the gamer happy.

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I really don't understand why they made this game, the best in years, like this.

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