Quick Scoping and Aim Assist Cheaters using Mods

World War II PS4

I have seen people use cheats in WW2 as well in team death match and domination. I have noticed that players can shoot through solid wall like the U.S.S Texas and get kills and it even shows up on the kill cam. There are other players who seem to know where every player is on the other team and can run over and kill them before they even reach the turning point of any corners and then there is all of the quick scoring and rapid fire players who never seem to die no matter how bullets you put into them. The players you talk about are their you know they are and so do I. I personally have used their weapons after they get killed and they don't work for me like they do for them so I know that they are cheating and I turn them in for it.

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And you all say that this is going down on the PS4 console?


I play alot, everyday, Never ever seen this!!! 


Can some one pleas pit up i video of this if this is so comon!

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I've seen players slide on two different occasions.  Not dive.  Slide.  I checked all the ribbons and the division perks for this capability and its not there.  You can't explain it away.  The first time I saw it, I thought maybe I didn't  see it right.  Then, I saw it again.  Maybe they were paratroopers, but I don't thinks so.  Can paratroopers slide? 

The quickscoping is a problem.  Once I get sniped, I do try to play more tactical by avoiding that area and trying to get behind them.  Sometimes that can be very tough, though.  I figure they don't get rid of it because many of their "YouTube, free publicity users" will get upset, and God forbid we upset the YouTubers.  If I was a programmer for COD and a user didn't fully look through the scope for the kill, I'd make the shot go astray.  Go all wild.  Because that's what would happen in reality.

The other problem is not taking action when a user is reported.  If more than three people report the same individual, that user's account should be temporarily disabled until their play can be reviewed.  Then, if found to be doing something "unnatural", they should permanently banned based on the user's IP address and not their user account.  User accounts are deleted and then rebuilt.  Banning based off IP Address makes the ability to get back on a little harder for the novice cheaters.

Any form of cheating should be met with zero tolerance.  Cheaters are just bad people.  If someone is so low as to cheat on a video game, which is basically meaningless, what do these individuals do in their everyday lives.  Its scary to think about.


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As much as I like the "temporarily disabled until their play can be reviewed"-idea, that would not work, unfortunately. Then a group of three people can just jump around lobbies and report everyone and they'll get temp banned until someone unlocks the ban. Considering the amount of temp bans they'd get each day that could take a while before they'll go through them all.

Robbie S
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100% paratroopers. On a side note, I hate the dive. Dive is only good for S-mine. Other than that is a suicide move. Drop shots are OK but dive is headshot instant death.
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I agree. I've seen the running quick scopers that don't miss and players get 100 kills on shipment. It has to be more than just skill or lag. I complained about aimbosts too and Activision cancelled my post. I'm surprised yours has not. I quit playing all cod core games except to fill contracts. I only play hardcore so I have a chance to compete. That is all any of us want, fair competition. We want the game to react the way we think it should and kill what we aim at. Why does Activision allow the intel in 3rd party mod controllers? Look at the players outlined in the live event games. What if a player had that advantage? I like to play cod games and can only hope to play in a lobby with similiarly skilled players. Did you have fun in your last match?

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Dude do you actually think the kill cam is an exact replica of what the player saw/did in the game!! It's just a bunch of data that they use to simulate the event and is indicative of what happened, there will be slight differences between what you see on the kill cam and what the player actually saw in game!
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Quick Scoping is a CANCER for each game.

but COD franchise is the MOST FAMOUS for QS.

forget about tactics, when guy is running arround with Sniper Rifle as shotgun and killing one by one thats not even SciFi.

Thats nonsense!



say  what you want but I bet you thet this game was even MADE for QS!

You wont see it in other games . . . . . . . . . 


sadly its a HUGE market arround this so they wont stop it.


but what pissd me the most is that even if you message that trash that he is trash! you will end up with ban from PSN for month!





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That might be the one time I agree with your rants!  QSing is for vajayjays who can't  win in a true 1v1, so they have to use gay tactics like that.

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Lol..... Yes bro it's the most broken thing about fraud of shootie....it might actually b a good game.. Yes you can find modded controller s online for sale everwhere..I have a friend on blackout actually two of them.  When you watch they easliy get ten or more kills a game in black out some of the shots they make is B's...One of them got their game deleted or so he says I think that's what he says when he gets banned the other oh I've been at my girlfriend's house... B's.  Dude I know I have at least 2 friends who cheat and lie about it.... Soo yeah they do.  It's a narcissist thing just like when some one cheats on u and will lie right to your face

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