Quick Scoping and Aim Assist Cheaters using Mods

World War II PS4

Quick Scoping and Aim Assist Cheaters using Mods


I have never seen so many quick scopers and aim assist hackers on COD in years.


The quick scoping needs to Stop, Slow down aim down site time, remove aim to center, slow down fire rate anything to stop this nonsense ruining COD. Havent seen this much quick scoping since MW2. And most of them are using some kind of mod or cheat.


Aim Assist Hackers > No one has perfect aim especially when killing 2-4 players at will without missing 1 bullet.  Yes they do exist on console, throu a website or modded into controller. Not even the best players on COD are that good. Especially while strafing left to right or on the run.


Some of the kill cams i see are insane no one has that kind of aim and its not just me seeing it when i play with friends. People say kill cams  lie > well that is false! Especially when i see it more than once and from more than 1 person in my party. I am not a bad player and i know a cheater when i see one. I have been playing since COD began and every so often i can spot a cheater using a mod or hack. On WW2 i have seen more than usual which is a cause for concern.


I have seen the websites and videos online. Yes hackers do exist on console please dont tell me they dont i have seen enough proof to say otherwise. Back when COD Ghosts came out there was a that website went viral that you could sign in throu your user name on console and add mods throu the page on your system. That page still exists and Activision couldnt do anything about it because it was foreign. That website allows you to change certain settings so you can hide being obvious. But good players will still notice it where bad players dont care or have no clue what they are doing. I wish i could record my gameplay sometimes and show people. Also most of these hackers are using names that are foreign or just plain made up


Please let me know if you are seeing the same thing and tell me what you been seeing. I really want know how much of this is going on i been playing mostly WAR and notice a few lobbies every day its never 1 player in the lobby its usually a few. 




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Not seen any quick scopers tbh, but the Aim Assist you talk about are probablyt using a Modded ps4 controller which has a hidden chip inside it and is not detecable by Sony as yet.

I was looking for a new controller as I have Arthritis in my right hand and trigger fingers, I came upon these controllers in my search of a replacment, there was no way I was going to get one because once Sony and the game devs figure out how to spot the chip you will get banned, so I opted for the Nacon Pro Controller because of the buttons on the back of the controller, and so it means now I can customise my L1 and R1 buttons to 2 of the back buttons instead which is great.


Stay away from modded PS4 controllers, one day you wil get caught.

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iv come across loads of qScopers , dont have a problem with them as i think its fair game and some of the shots they make do require skill and abit of luck thrown in , Cant say i thought anyone of them was cheating but idd say no because most of the ones iv seen end the game going barely positive or just about break even on there kills, as for the controllers i dont know anything about them, i thought there was no aim assist on the scoped snipers?

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Skill maybe, but a true sniper mechanic or style no way.... if you are going to be a sniper you should be forced to do it correctly... just my opinion
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your right I totallty agree but the people at call of duty love this and they use modded controllers there so they want fix it.
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How many people have ran into this? Watch your kill cam and they have full UAV. No not from sensor darts I know what they look like. These are even outside the circle of their radar. Just letting you know 

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your stupid you talking about or your one of these people
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@Kexlar wrote:

Not seen any quick scopers tbh.


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Hahaha hahahaha hahahahha hahahahahaha!!!!





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Love it. So true haha
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Its funny thats the reason i started checking too see if there were aimbots on codww2 i just got out of a game where these 2 quickscopers were in a group and between the both of them they were killing are whole team while rarely ever missing i dont care how good you are your not that good i watched there killcams and they were fing insane im not the best cod player but i hold my own these guys were definitely cheating somehow


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