Quick Scoping and Aim Assist Cheaters using Mods

World War II PS4

It's very easy to tell between someone whos cheating and whos playing legit, most of the time anyway. Cheaters are not the smartest and can be very blatant. If you are questioning whether someone in a match was cheating or not then they probably were just a lot better than you. Or you were trash. Either way, posting about this here is pointless. If you want to complain about cheaters, then send a report to activision or some *****.

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Quickscoping is for the noobs. they can do something about it. That aim asist is not on snipers. Or the aim assist works after 5 secends when soomed in. And they need to make that aim down not is in the middle of the screen direct. that it takes 3 seconds. And the rappid fire must go of the snipers.

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Haha so mean spawnkilling is better ? Qsc is not noobs take skills XD and you need learn the different between wep of bolt rifle and semi XD
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This post is hilarious!! I use a sniper rifle 100% of the time and I can tell you right now there are no cheats within controllers that give you any aim assist on a online multiplayer game - yes they do have it if you play campaign but not on multiplayer.


Some modded controllers do have a 'quick scope' setting but all it does is fire as soon as you are aiming down sight, so essentially, it's pressing the fire button for you.  The ONLY benefit this offers is a consistent firing pattern when you scope in, so every time you scope in it will fire at the same time over and over again - BUT - this has a negative effect in that it makes it more difficult to fire earlier, say you are in a tight spot and you want to try your luck firing before you are all the way scoped in.  If you want to just aim down sight without firing you end up wasting a bullet because it fires every single time you aim down sight!!


It's difficult for SMG/Rifle users to believe that anyone with a sniper can do so well so they always call good snipers cheaters.  You only have to watch Spratt to see how good a pro sniper can be!!


I actually this it's pretty dumb what the developers have done with snipers in this game, they have given us a ton of rifles but then nerfed the crap out of them.

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"Theoretically" aim assist has been part of the Core game since Modern Warfare.  Supposedly, Hardcore doesn't have it.  I know that is not true as I have had my weapon inadvertently track opponents in HCTDM.  It's made HC more appropriate for the ADHD crowd and ruined the strategy aspect that used to rule in the early days of COD.  Now, it's tactics on how best to exploit "mad skillz" that seem to win those matches.

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I found that the aim assist pulls your aim to some one that is closer when im trying to get long shots. example ussTEXAS trying to shoot a player inside the bridge then a player runs down by the life raft and my gun starts pulling towards them so you miss the one in the bridge then get shot by the one near the life raft. so bad i tried disabled aim assist slow down and aim assist rotation

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Lollol everyone complains .. And the only crying are those that cannot do it well.. post a screenshot of you qs so we know you understand what it even is. 

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I dont think players understand when i describe aim assist hackers > Lock on aim when pointed in players direction, No missed shots even when running or strafing left to right. Look up Wall Hacks and Aim Assist Hacks plenty of vids out there. It is basically a hack that locks on aim on target even throu walls because they can see you before you see them. However you can change options for head shots only or just plain player lock on. Most of the smart players know how to try to be not so obvious. But good players can spot it in a kill cam feed or when it happened. I know when a good player just plain beats me and i know when a cheater is using a mod to beat me. I have tested players when i think they are cheating. Like laying prone in a corner of the map or just being on a spot in the map without moving and that same player knows my exact location and finds me and on his kill cam he cant even see me but knows exactly where to shoot. That is a player using a wall hack. Like i said look up the videos you will find plenty. Call of duty needs a better report player system where you can give a brief description of what you think that player is cheating at...That way they can actually see what they are looking for instead of guessing. Most people report players for cheating when actually they just plain Suck and got beat by a better player. It happens i have been beat by many good players but i can spot a cheater a mile away. WW2 i have seen more than i have in the past CODS

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I see quick scoping all the time. And now I’m seeing auto aim it’s rediculous. And worse you have these gamers being sponsored by these trash mod controllers and making YouTube videos all over the internet on how to use them or how to just play the game. I stopped playing COD after Black Ops 2 because of all the drop shot mod controllers and I decided that maybe with the release of COD WW2 in 2017 they may have fixed it so you can not cheat but they have done no such thing. It’s sad it’s such a good game but I know all of my friends in the gaming community have been losing interest and are switching back to other games because it’s not fun to play with glitches and players with modded controllers. I will not be purchasing any COD products again for at least 4 years. 

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