Quick Scoping and Aim Assist Cheaters using Mods

World War II PS4

your right man this game has went to shtville with everything you said they dont care thats the sad part Im telling everyone not buy blk ops 4 make them fire the stupid quick scopers over this thats why they want fix it because the people at call of duty development use this because they cant shoot its so sad the dont allow steroids in football baseball mma or boxing all these cheating anymore plus modded controllers is the same as steroids same thing its not the natural players winnining its sad.
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You wanna kill a quickscoper? M-38, Grip, Rapid fire, Advanced Rifling. Extended mag if infantry. Run up where you think he'll be, dive, aim down sights and light him up. Works for me. Not 100% though. I knife lots of QS people too. If you dive at their feet and they ads without looking down first they cannot see you. Then bam pop up and knife 'em.

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Why blame qsc, is it better with spawn killing ? Or campers just saying so they need fix that to?

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Cheaters n mod users are pathetic it can't be fun to show boat numbers n wins n kdrs you haven't earned.... Means as a player they are garbage.

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This is just crazy 🤯



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They do exist. I saw a player today with the newest sniper rifle available shoot four guys in a matter of seconds without the scope even being fully up. There is no way in Hell the guy is that good.  Not shooting on the run. I was killed twice by him without him even raising the gun from half way across the map. 

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I have been playing ww2 since the beta release and the snipers were all in the places you expected to find them getting maybe 15 or 25 kills on a good match but i noticed that after the 2nd dlc release very shortly ,and i mean over a very short period the amount of snipers acting like expedition players with a shotgun and never missing. If there isnt a mod on there I'll eat my hat. They are taking shots so quick and accurately its obvious kills down sights at shot gun and pistol ranges it has totally  ruined the game and stops any movement. Sad little sods with a high kdr they haven't earned . Quicker sony clamp down on it the better

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I see it EVERY DAY in Hardcore and Core modes.  It’s ridiculous.  I believe it’s the programmers of the game.

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I have WW2 on my Xbox One S and I was just playing domination on Shipment 1944 and one guy managed to get a k/d ratio of 103-8. Now, I have no doubt that there are legitimate players out there who are just naturally really good at these types of games. I'm certainly not one of them but occassionally I'll have a good game, depending on how good my other teammates are how good the other players are. But regardless of that, I just find it very hard for anyone to get that good of a score on that particular map because you are constantly being bombarded by other players. Anyone familiar with that map knows that it isn't some huge map where you can just hide out and snipe people over and over, it's a very small map where you're constantly encountering other players from every corner. Of course, there's also those players who seem to miracuously survive me emptying an entire magazine into them without dying.

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I agree, quickscoping needs to be adressed in some way. If there was a way to avoid getting shot then I'd have no problem with quickscopers, but as for now it's way to overpowered. Just shooting, sometimes not even aiming close, and get a one hit-kill is ridiculous.


In one extreme case the enemy was shooting between me and a teammate and managed to kill us both... with one bullet. I know, it could've been lag compensation and we were right in front of eachother, but it didn't look anything like that in the kill cam.

Robbie S
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