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"Theoretically" aim assist has been part of the Core game since Modern Warfare.  Supposedly, Hardcore doesn't have it.  I know that is not true as I have had my weapon inadvertently track opponents in HCTDM.  It's made HC more appropriate for the ADHD crowd and ruined the strategy aspect that used to rule in the early days of COD.  Now, it's tactics on how best to exploit "mad skillz" that seem to win those matches.

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I found that the aim assist pulls your aim to some one that is closer when im trying to get long shots. example ussTEXAS trying to shoot a player inside the bridge then a player runs down by the life raft and my gun starts pulling towards them so you miss the one in the bridge then get shot by the one near the life raft. so bad i tried disabled aim assist slow down and aim assist rotation

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Lollol everyone complains .. And the only crying are those that cannot do it well.. post a screenshot of you qs so we know you understand what it even is. 

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I dont think players understand when i describe aim assist hackers > Lock on aim when pointed in players direction, No missed shots even when running or strafing left to right. Look up Wall Hacks and Aim Assist Hacks plenty of vids out there. It is basically a hack that locks on aim on target even throu walls because they can see you before you see them. However you can change options for head shots only or just plain player lock on. Most of the smart players know how to try to be not so obvious. But good players can spot it in a kill cam feed or when it happened. I know when a good player just plain beats me and i know when a cheater is using a mod to beat me. I have tested players when i think they are cheating. Like laying prone in a corner of the map or just being on a spot in the map without moving and that same player knows my exact location and finds me and on his kill cam he cant even see me but knows exactly where to shoot. That is a player using a wall hack. Like i said look up the videos you will find plenty. Call of duty needs a better report player system where you can give a brief description of what you think that player is cheating at...That way they can actually see what they are looking for instead of guessing. Most people report players for cheating when actually they just plain Suck and got beat by a better player. It happens i have been beat by many good players but i can spot a cheater a mile away. WW2 i have seen more than i have in the past CODS

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I see quick scoping all the time. And now I’m seeing auto aim it’s rediculous. And worse you have these gamers being sponsored by these trash mod controllers and making YouTube videos all over the internet on how to use them or how to just play the game. I stopped playing COD after Black Ops 2 because of all the drop shot mod controllers and I decided that maybe with the release of COD WW2 in 2017 they may have fixed it so you can not cheat but they have done no such thing. It’s sad it’s such a good game but I know all of my friends in the gaming community have been losing interest and are switching back to other games because it’s not fun to play with glitches and players with modded controllers. I will not be purchasing any COD products again for at least 4 years. 

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Haters are always going to hate. .

the auto so called aim function on the modded controllers the op posted do not work on multi player matches other than zombies. It even says so in the link he so helpfully put in this thread. 

You were bested buy a sniper get over it , it's a game . I'm really tired of reading comments about quick scoping . It happens every year. By a few people that really only have them selves to blame for dying to a sniper via a quick scope. I played with a knife all last night and came across one YouTube  quick scoper he killed me a few time but I also killed him just as many times the only diffrence it I used a knife.  I'm by no way a great player about average . But some people are well I'm sorry just bad at the game. Take for example to get diamond camps for a melee weapon one of the challenges is to kill some one with it pick up there weapon and kill them again. I got all five of these kills on one person in one game , the guy  just kept coming back five times in the end . It's not good play style . The point I'm trying to make with the above comment is that you should know when your out classed and not get mad about it and rush in and try and get the kill 9 out of ten times you just die. Try and be smarter about it out flank them get in behind them . If a quick scoper can't see you they can't kill you. 

So when the old argument comes up of get better, take them at thier word and get better . May be your reaction times are slower than a bunch of sweaty young try hards I know mine are so I use my Brain and normally get the kill. And the game I got all of the back fire kills on was on gustof cannon . I won that game with a knife. Should I have won, no way . 

Sorry this post has dragged on a bit, but I hate when people use quick scoping as a means to air thier  frustration  with  this game. For the last week I've been doing all the melee cameo challenges . And while I've been doing them have died a lot mostly to shot guns ( combat) am I calling for them to be banned or nerfed . No I'm not is it frustrating yes it is but it's also all part of the game. 

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Almost every match in domination (the mode I play most) is packed with snipers and shotguns running arround and picking people off with one shot kills.
I did not know there where hacks and mods to make things easy(ier).

Some matches are good but sometimes I am think by myself how the hell did that happen. Thats when I move on and leave and go to another match. Hoping it will be better and more fun.

But what can you do. There are cheaters everywhere. But I try to believe the majority are honnest players If not I would toss the ps4 in the trash. Smiley Happy

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i been pl;aying ffa hardcore with rifles 

the svt is a one shot kill as long as you press aim and fire like a quick snotter 

it hit more than it dont 

but if you aim down the sight and wait for an enemy 

when you shoot it never hits 

i think that is down to aim assist like a quick snotter 

there is definatly something odd 

its not just lagg 

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Explain it away any way you like.. 

Blah blah blah..

Point is.

Quickscope is ruining this game.


Not , oh it's part of the game get used to it..


It's an embarrassment of a game glitch or mechanic or whatever you want to call it.. I call it a bs glitch but I don't want to post a dissertation on what a glitch is so call it whatever.. but it is , and make no mistake here..it is ruining this game.. it's totally out of place as far as sniper mechanic should be. 

It's *****ed.

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No explanation needed .

There are a couple of facts that every one needs to know .

1 there is NO AIm Assist on the two most popular snipers.

2 quick scoping is a skill not a glitch .

It maybe ruining your game but most people are not bothered by it. 

You post as if every lobby you go in you get quick scoped, you and every one else knows that doesn't happen . My guess is you get shot running from corner to corner or running to get to your head glitch, over and over again in a straight line and with out looking around you , tunnel vision so to speak and then you come on here and moan that you were QS . Here is another fact for you. 

3 if you get caught running in this game you will lose any gun fight to some one not running. 

I also want to point out  that what works for snipers ie centring a target also works for every one else with the added benefit of aim assist.

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