Quick Scoping and Aim Assist Cheaters using Mods

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thank you 

you are my hero of the moment 

i just ordered the cronus max plus and hope it works on ps4pro

i will use this to try it out 

first on a private game with bots 

then on hc ffa

then core  ffa

then on a core team game 

i will activly admit im using it when i play with the clan name icht

i will be honest with you all and tell you what i think 

i cant sniper to save my life 

but i will try it with those weapons only 

when im done exploring it 

i will give it to a 12yr old xbox player 

and if i get this deleted or my account erased or banned from playing ps4

there will be *hit to pay 

i am about to copy and paste this whole thread to another method to save it 

its my evidence if there is a coverup

regards to you all

happy gaming 

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Re: Quick Scoping and Aim Assist Cheaters using Mo...

And what if Sony decides to render the device useless? I.e. release an update that makes it useless??
It still goes against the EULA from both the game companies and Sony as well, you are not allowed to tamper with the stuff.


The only thing they can say is "We don't, it's a third party device that acts via USB, thus not a software or hardware that does anything".

However, that is not true, because the input will still require a controller from sony, and then it somehow changes they way it "acts".


Cheating or not, it gives people an advantage over others. I do know that Hori released a mouse + controller, and the Cronus max was made similar in mind.

But when scripts come raining down it smells CS all over it, and we all know how many people online used cheats there.


Note: The device itself is not using any "aimbot", according to the programmers it uses ingame aim assist, and then modifies it (cheat?).

Whatever, I'll play until someone, somewhere does something. There are tons of other games out there - I will not cry. I'm not a "stat w..." or someone who even cares about if I'm top player, I play because I'm bored.


I use my Razer controller. Works perfect.

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Re: Quick Scoping and Aim Assist Cheaters using Mo...

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duno about all that 

just look the *hit up on ebay 

just see how many have been sold 

mine came yesterday 

only took two days 

im leaving it in the box till the weekend 

i need to finish max prestige of the last rifle 

i have two *hit shot guns to finish and then i have to do sniper rifles 

thats when i will try it out 

but not before trying without the cronus

there are lots of times players coming round corners and gheting me cos they know im there 

it might have something to do with better headphones than mine 

i use the sony wireless cant remember model 

not the expensive one 

but they dont seem as good as the turtle beach i had on ps3

i think these players pick up sounds of light footsteps 

or even my breathing 

i hate the breathing sound when im trying to listen for direction of a rustle 


when i try the cronus and i get better kd with it i promise to let you all know 

i dont mind if you want to become a friend and monitor my results on the sniper 

i think its time that the shik comes out into the open once and for all 

wish you all a happy sniper hunt 

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Re: Quick Scoping and Aim Assist Cheaters using Mo...

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oh i forgot to add

you can use an xbox controller or wiiu

or ps3 controller 


and whats a razor controller 


im not good at tchnology devises

im 58 years old but love to play playstation 

i cant even use a touch screen phone 

i have to have one with buttons for call and txts 

lord help me when i try to understand what im about to do 

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Re: Quick Scoping and Aim Assist Cheaters using Mo...

Razer Raiju is a controller, just like the PS4 controller, but with more buttons (can be used to several things).

The Hori T.A.C. Pro, is a controller that has a mouse (yepp..), and a small keyboard looking device for walking and weapons etc.

Frag FX was the first one to really build one. But is has the left side of the controller, and a mouse..


They all cost a lot of money, thus, the company mentioned made the cronus max. Do note, that is works even with freaking mobile phones - connect a PS3/PS4 controller to it and USB2GO and you can use it many ways. I don't judge people if they use the above controllers, or even the cronusmax with mouse/keyboard.

Actually the XIM thing (XIM4?) and FragFX was once banned by Sony, you couldn't use them at all. So FragFX made a new one. And XIM are trying to release a new one.


But using scripts that gives you 0 recoil and enhanced aim assist above the one provided by the game itself is just cheating.


I'm older than Activision itself. I was around before Internet was invented, when there were BBS instead of homepages. C64 era...



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Re: Quick Scoping and Aim Assist Cheaters using Mo...

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I want 1 thing to shout out. If you compare Battlefield snipers with COD snipers, i would go for the battlefield snipers. In this game snipers are killing the fun, they are used like shotguns, killcams show a sniper double kill (one shot) while the reticle isn't on a player and both players were walking next to each other, not behind each other. So i have no clue how he got a double kill out of that, but loads off sniper kill cams, aren't even on target. And thats what the aim assist in cod is doing. If your scope is in a radius off 1 metre by the target it's an insta hit. No skill, nothing. The most annoying thing, walking behind a corner and a sniper litterly walking into you and still mannages to kill you. I just don't believe such thing is close to reality. They are used like shotguns/smg's in cod ww2. It's unbelievable how unbalanced this game is when you look it on this way. No strategy at all. Give snipers a deadzone but not a 1 shot 1 kill on every range. You die instantly in this game anyways. And i aint great or so, but aint bad either. I just want to have fun, but on a tactical way. I had the best kill cam though. I stood at a side where a fight was a team mate died so i waited for the enemy to come, lol he got me while i was aiming already, the killcam though, showed that i was walking to the spot where i was waiting, while i already stood there for 2 secs waiting for him to show up. Horrible failures in this game. Non of the cams i've seen were actually well played, crap after crap shots. So do we actually have to aim? Or just shoot into nothing and score? Lol. 

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Re: Quick Scoping and Aim Assist Cheaters using Mo...

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@JDM_DB8_VoltageB wrote:

Quick Scoping and Aim Assist Cheaters using Mods




 Welcome to the resistance brother!!!

You will experience hatred, insults and harassment from Activision employees, cronies and corperate shills..

Quickscope glitch is a hated game mechanic and Activision is covering it up by silencing anyone who would dare stand up and speak about it..

I'm glad to see another brave fighter on the side of keeping Quickscope glitch out of this game..

Also it seems people are being programmed to accept crap products.

It's 2018, the game overall is representing the best available... obviously it could be better. Silencing criticism allows corperate overlords to keep putting out crap...programming kids to accept crap..


That sniper mechanic should be golden, it should have sway and bullet drop .. just waaaay better than the 2003 game mechanic we still accept..


And people on here are defending it!!


Wow it's scary how well programmed people are..


Keep up the good fight brother!!


Much respect.



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Re: Quick Scoping and Aim Assist Cheaters using Mo...

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i complained about the mw remaster on the xbox one right after it was relesed, they said they would look iinto my problems one day later the game completly stopped working. careful what you complain about or they will shut you down. 


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Re: Quick Scoping and Aim Assist Cheaters using Mo...

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like you guys its so unfair that aim mods are available to all cheats , its so frustrating and makes my blood boil tbh , seems like everyone is cheating now , its spoilt now for the rest of us who dont cheat , its bloody diabolical to be fair , makes me wonder if sledgehammer are in on it tbh , getting extra profit from the hacks thats why they dont give a ***** because they havnt done anything about it , they dont ban the scumbags using cheats either , Ive played a lot of cod this is the worst pile of bs Ive ever played Im binning ww2 had enough tbh
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Re: Quick Scoping and Aim Assist Cheaters using Mo...

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Does complaining even help? It's ridicilous when you have airborne running with gunslinger and an smg, to eventually come across a corner and facing a sniper, who drops you down instantly.. and while looking at the killcam, you see him shooting the wall, not even close on target (me). Fix your game, or at least make sure, bullets are on target and not because it's a one shot kill gun, that it's able to have that profit, to shoot metres a side of people but still getting the hit mark. Lol i played with my brother and before we even could shoot with smg's he dropped us to death in insta. Is it just me? Or is my sniper the only one, that can't shoot 2 bullets in 1 sec as this is what is going on in this game. I at least aim and shoot when i am sure that it is on target. Really fk those snipers in this game. No aim, no skill needed.. 


The best part, they think they are pro, but how can they even think that way? Most of those *****ty kills i see, they barrely use the scope (meaning before they fully zoomed in, they already fired a bullet) and kill people. They don't have to see the target to kill, just a visual sight of where they are nearby and hope for the best. In their luck ofcourse, they get double kills when 2 people aren't even lined up lol. Skill they say, it's fun they say. 


Do people know how a sniper should be used? In real life (also in real ww2), snipers were meant to sit 300 + yards away from the enemy, slightly moving an inch, covering the soldiers in field, yet in a safespot. 


Cod WW2 makes it possible for these snipers, to run around like if they have a smg in their hands and shoot people around corners without having to aim. Whoever came up with this idea, should get vanished. 

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