Quick Scoping and Aim Assist Cheaters using Mods

World War II PS4

You can record your gameplay.

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I have also talked to mediators about these very same problems, all they say is report it... I have been reporting it since I myself started playing and NOTHING is being done to FIX this ongoing problem.. ALL they want is our money, Major Lag on THEIR servers Yet they say it is always on the players side of the game.. Wonder why their servers are always Down ( Crashing ) and people cant get on..I just played a game and they guy/girl went 41-3 with major quick scoping.. NEVER aimed at the person, hardly lifted the darn Gun to shot, No cross hairs or anything and he shot him.. They also cheat by shooting through walls, and KNOWING just where you are when your no showing on the map, and BANG they kill you .. ( I was on a UPSTAIRS floor, the other person was on the ground, somehow he knew JUST where I was and he shot me through the wall.. ) THEN the guns gets nurfed ( cant leave sh!t alone ) and I cant hit the side of a barn, I hear hitmarks through my headset, atleast 5 or more, they hit me 1 or 2 I die... The Combat shot gun they nurfed to much, I have to shoot the person twice to get a kill, + the player can shoot me from the other side of the map with the very same gun.. talk about sheating... The Devs Dont care WHO is cheating, They are ALL talk and NO walk...This sh!t is getting OLD rather fast...Oh and you have to STOP to reload your gun, HOW FREAKING Stupid is that? Easy pickings for your opponent...Stop Nurfing the darn guns and FIX the cheating problems....

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Oh I almost forgot, I also talked to a mediator who told me he also plays CODWW2 who has reported Cheating  going on and the Devs havent done crap about his cheating reports either, So its either they fix the cheating problems and glitches or ALOT of people will stop buying these games...

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No, people will always buy these games, get over it

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Your sight doesn't even have to be on them have the time. Some games your getting killed with sight a foot off of you and other times you'll not get any hit markers with sights directly on them. Its a general vicinity thing and with quick scooters some put a dot in the middle of there screen and play that way. Keep that dot wherever your looking and That's where your aiming. Basic vicinity scores kills these days not precision.

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You cant mod the PS4 and play online. not yet
there's only exploit for lower firmware. and no cfw so stop whining about the Game
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I hate it!


There needs to be either some form of detection, a server where all the peeps who want to use such mods to make themselves feel good, can go or a combination of the two.


It's not even subtle, when a player with an SMG strafes left then right, hip firing, but somehow manages to dead-eye you and outrange you even though you're firing a mounted heavy gun with a 4x scope.


Stop spoiling my fun!!!! 

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I think your find it’s a technique called centering so if your in center of persons aim when he scopes in he’s gonna hit you regardless just camp with a lmg like everyone else does aiming down site waiting for people or get a fire shotgun out. Quick scoping can be annoying but you have to hit the shot when you quickly scope in with the insane strafe speeds of airborne or infantry it is hard to actually connect with a sniper. I to be honest think camping is more a problem especially the pre aiming type 

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ive seen some fishy stuff too lately.. but i attributed it to activision padding the lobbies with bots.

you know how paratroppers suddenly became OP? .. i think they started padding the lobbies with OP paratropper type bots (for whatever reason..cause real ppl cannot aim like these guys do and kill that efficiently... 

but ps4 has been jail broken for a long time it wouldnt suprise me that aimbot is already on ww2

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NO we are just that good!

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