Shotgun delay

World War II PS4

Hello everyeve. I'm new to this fourm. I've been getting really irritated with my shotgun I use. I feel like When i pull the trigger once out of 10 times it doesn't shoot. Has anyone else run into this? Should I keep getting pissed off at myself or is it this stupid game? 

 Thanks in advance for your responses. 

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i don't think it is just a shot gun problem. i have noticed over the past few days i can be sighted in on someone pull the trigger and nothing and they take me out. and i can put a shot in someones chest and not even a hit marker. i play hc ffa. 

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HC FFA is a complete mess imho. I play HC TDM and can usually hold my own. I attempted to complete yesterdays FFA challenge and was amazed to see none of my shots registering and I gave up on the challenge. How can I lag in one game mode but not in another??

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i noticed it more in ffa than other modes. 

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I experience delay and no fires mostly with the toggle action. That shottie makes me feel like I'm throwing ping pong balls underhand at my enemies.

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That horrible shotgun is the ONLY shotgun I don't have gold camo on, and I only have 6 "one shot kills" kills with that is *****-near impossible!

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