World War II PS4



I haven't played BO4 for a while and started yesterday. I saw there were 2 weapons to unlock with Tiers, but I didn't make it to tier 50/100. 
Is there a way to get the weapons still after the update from today? Really loved the Swat RFT when I had picked it up in Blackout, but now I want it in MP.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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FYI, bud - you might get better responses about BO4 on the BO4 forums, instead of the WWII forums.  Just saying.  If you didn't know there WERE BO4 forums, here's the link to them:


Happy hunting, buddy! 

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I honestly think the intelligence level in COD players is dropping. All these years visiting these forums I have never seen so many asking questions about one title in the previous years titles forum.

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