Why do I not have my Twitch Prime Supply Drops?

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I do not understand why I have not been able to get my Heroic Uniform Supply Drop Pack with my Twitch Prime. With the Resistance one I was able to get it just fine but now it is not giving me it. I have watched the tutorial videos in Multiplayer and can not fnd any other form of a tutorial and am prestiged so I should have already done a physical one if there was one. When I go to my Prime Rewards on Twitch and go thorugh the steps to recive it they say "Added to your Twitch Prime Account" but remaines as "Learn More" under the tab. I have checked all my accounts and they are connected so I do not understand why I have not gotten my Supply Drops

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Hey there ZombieSlayerMaster,

Sorry to hear you are running into this issue. Could you please send me a Private Message along with your platform, gamertag, and your Call of Duty email? I'll be happy to look into this for you. 

Best regards. ^JW

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I’m having a similar problem. Did not get my uniform supply drop. 

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I also don't have any of my supply drops after the winter supply drops I don't believe

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Log in on that page that says ''learn more'' and then link your account with your steam or activision account

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