Why is this game called CoD WWII?.

World War II PS4

Now this stupid map sandbox ... from toy story

we have a hat that napoleon wears, a claymore sword and much other ***** that doesnt have anything to do with WWII.

Come on SLEDGEHAMMER you can do better.

if i remember right is the WWII also the fight against the Japannees.

please focus on that with normal weapens, gear and maps. 

Otherwise dont bother to bring out this *****.

A dissapointed player

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Real talk here guys 👍🏻

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I understand at the fact that Call of Duty: WWII is now "silly".

BUT, the name of WWII is at the fact of the game (obliviously) takes place in World War II.

But, just because WWII is silly, doesn't mean it's not WWII.

Take in mind, most next-gen Call of Duty games are silly, for example:

Black Ops III (ever since some of the events)

Infinite Warfare (Zombies)

Modern Warfare Remastered (since St. Patrick's event, etc.)


It's not suprising if the next Call of Duty games are more "silly", even Black Ops IV may have silly moments due to Blackout or even possible upcoming advents.

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I was completely disappointed with this, talk about dropping the ball and releasing trash. How could they run out of things to do in a WW2 game that they would need to create this?? I suspect the developers are young and still play in a sand box with plastic army men. I'm on the edge of just uninstalling the game and never thinking twice about this franchise again, it clearly is going to keep on producing crap with only one goal, sell you points to get nothing for your money.

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Take in mind, all Call of Duty's aren't serious.

Black Ops IV will probably be the most serious COD game in a couple of years.

If you think of unistalling WWII, go ahead! But take in mind, Fortnite and other games will be silly even a little bit.

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The only reason I even bothered to buy this title was the WW2 theme. Had I known it was going to be the joke it has become I wouldn't have bothered. As for the other titles you mentioned, I have no desire to play these.

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I fully agree with you, I have stopped playing this ***** of a game since 4 weeks now, last "event" had given me the rest of "unsatisfaction" I've needed to stop playing it allready. Never ever before a WWII game has had taken over this theme so unrespectful like WWII is doing this (or the developers) .

There would have been so much serious things they could have done to make the MP for WWII much more in the way like MP of "CoD:World at War" was made, but htey have completely ignored all the good and awesome things from CoD:WaW and made the worst MP ever made !!

This was/is the best MP version of a CoD game ever. Awesome maps, well balanced weapons without unhistorical ***** like fire shells for shotguns or swords ..........There was only one weapon which was not ful hist. correct: the PTRS. Antitank rifle the've used as a sniper. This is bull***** because this rifle was so heavy in weight that 2 men were needed to transport it and for combat ! But this was the only fault. Sniper class and their guns were support !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  classes for medium and long range combat and their guns were no "shotguns" with range over the whole maps.....so QS was

gratefully not possible as the QS plague is now in the current CoD games.

And don't forget that CoD:WWII is out now for so many month now and.....................is full with bugs, glitches and issues in MP and SP until right !

Allone this fact should make 1000000 nds of players stop playing this game and say: Hey Activision, I want my money back !!

But, the reality is an other story for now: again thousands and thousands of Gamers are playing now BO4 BETA , ignoring that this is only a BO3 2.0 !!

I have gotten a present code for the BETA but it didn't work, maybe it's a luck for me .............................

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