i can't sprint in WW2

World War II PS4

It's nothing wrong with Sprint. Only Airborne Division have long sprint runners! If you like to run, get Battlefield games. But, COD developers make it you can only run 5 secs. Rest. Run, rest. Run & rest. It's awful. I thought real soldiers can run regardless of their top shape...don't have to stop after 5 or 3 seconds. That's the way the game is built. If I was the developers, diff. class have speed of running non-stop 'til you stop. Sprint is good for 3 secs. or 5 secs. if you charge in with a Infantry Division soldiers! Again, Battlefield 2 (would be out, if not Lucas asked for their company to make it STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT 2) would be the next World Wars 2. Hint: After the FPS, STAR WARS will come out a RPG/ACTION-ADVENTURES next! Nothing wrong with you joystick! If you want to move with ton of Sprints, try Airborne!

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You didn't understand the problem. My character just walks, even if I press L3 he continues to walk. I tried to change the button from L3 to 'O'button but the probelm is the same. 

I play cod since I was a child, I know that I can't sprint more than 4/5 sec. but I can't even start sprint. 

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I have the same problem everytime i try to sprint (r3) my player comes to a stop or jerks foward then stops. My controller is fine and works perfect on other games. What is going on? Im not happy was looking foward to this game and this happens how long was this game in development and they still cant get it right!

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I have the same thing, i have press the joystick down ridiculously hard to maintain sprint. I thought it was my controller, but i guess not.
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i am having the same problem! 
would be nice if someone could help us, because of that problem I am not able to play the game for about minimum 1week now

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i cant sprint  without being sick 

i couldnt run for a bus anymore 

im in heart attack life period 


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no its even happening to me and its not that he wants a longer sprint time its he cant even sprint 4/5 of the time and when he can its jerky and makes you constantly push in the trigger to sprint. or at least that is what is happening to me.
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I pretty much only use airborne. Sometimes sprint works, sometimes it repeatedly disengages. Thinking maybe another button is sticking like the previous poster said but my controller is only a few months old. I've had multiple controllers that ended up with R2 perpetually engaged.

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Stfu you *****

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Ty I am new to cod so I thought my controller was messed up
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