keyboard and mouse pads for console are a disgrace !!

World War II PS4

first : this is descriminating: you have to pay 100 euros to have a leverage over others 

second : this is way easier to point and click with mouse than with a contoller with triggers (the time you need to aim is way higher with a controller than with KB/M (if you think otherwise tell your developpers to program the game using PS4 controllers , we ll see!) . 

third: if they cant play with controllers they must go play with PC players and then they will know their true level. I see some friends with great stats using these cheating device thinking that they have great skills  !!! if you dont have a controller in your hand you re worth nothing! ANd this is just UNFAIR to all the people (like me) who batlled to learn how to play with these freaking joysticks so that in the end I get killed by a rich cheater who bought the game yesterday , this is just UNFAIR ! 

I sincerely hope that Activision would do something about the matter such as Epic game did for fortnite . Because these players are parasites for your game they will always have the upper hand against us (the real ones) and in the end we will lose interest in your game . Since I discovered these pads I already started to play less. Why ? Because now everytime I get killed I say to myself "well then it must be one of these cheaters "and then I stopped playing because I feel cheated !! 

We need protection against cheaters but you opened them the gates wide open ! 

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