temporarily banned from making emblems

World War II PS4


My account was temporarily banned for creating emblems that supposedly is a violation of the posted Security & Enforcement Policy. I want to create emblems but it's been quite a while now and my account is at still temporarily banned. When will you lift this ban. It's not fair, the guidelines specifically says content displaying illegal drugs or recreational drugs are not allowed and should be reported due to it may offend some people but not all. The emblem selection allows you to choose marijuana related pictures pertaining to drug use,  can be seen and chosen to display on our player cards for all to see. How come these are not prohibited but my sexy girl emblems, are half naked, which is not offending at all. Its just like a Victoria's Secret Catalog, no harm done, it just let's people find ways to create these tasteful adult themed emblems. Please lift my ban and never again in the near future will my account be held hostage or I will end being a loyal Playstation fan and become a Xbox loyal fan. Do you really want to lose another PS4 loyal fan to Xbox? It's your funeral, you decide, but choose wisely, because your decision could make or break Playstation forever. 









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Just because your not offended does not mean someone else might be. You need to remember women play this game as do kids. As for a naked womem emblem, grow up!

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