[7MSw] 7E4M Capt. Masters Of Swag

World War II Xbox One


This is a brand new Clan to COD community.


Focusing on the new COD coming out this year.


Name: Capt. Anonymous Golds Star 6 (Founder of 7E4M Capt. Masters Of Swag)



It was founded by Capt. Anonymous Golds Star 6 or known as Golds6 in 2014 as a motto on my old profile (Xbox 360). I was well known for my swag so I wanted to create a cool name that I'm part of so that people will know.


Goal in 2017 and beyond

Want this to turn into a clan community for any COD's games. If anyone wants to be a leader or an assitant at a specfic COD's game so please comment below or pm me. Also join the 7E4M if you want to as there is no requirement because i want this to be for everyone of any abilities (Only Xbox 360 and Xbox One).


Leaders and Assistant will be picked as well as forming properly the 7E4M at Tuesday 30th May 2017 as im currently busy for my exams.


If you will like to lead the 7E4M in general please ask permission first.




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Welcome bro beat of lucky with the clan Smiley Happy

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