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I have over 10, 000 games played and ranked 128 in the world and want to say now that the game became garbage. Quickscopers, guns changing every day, lagged out servers, glitching...the list goes on. And right when you think that maybe, just maybe something is going to be done about it they make another dumb ass decision and wreck the game for everyone even worse. The boosting lobbies and glitchers seen running out of the maps seem to be condoned by Activision as they continue to do nothing about it. Come on people!  Who has a 2400spm outside of a boosting lobby?  And how do you get to max prestige lvl 1000 with 3 days game play. They’ve ruined BO4 before it’s even released. 

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Hey there, 

Most of that is just feedback and criticism, which is fine, but what are you referring to with out of map glitches? We report all of those up that we see and I haven't seen any out of map glitch that hasn't been addressed or fixed by SHG. Have you been seeing some lately? If so, have some info about it or any clips? I'd be happy to check it out and report it. Also, if people are boosting , in-game or on the leaderboards, please report them in-game. Thanks.


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I report all the time and nothing is done to these guys because I see them on same time every morning, but thanks. 

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Putting to one side my ability which is average, something is definitely up in the last day or so.

1) The score differential in TDM is skewing a lot in the last 24-48 hrs with game after game 75 vs 45; 75 vs 42 where as it was more balanced over the previous weeks with the occasional skewed game if you run into a party.

2) the differential applies to K/D ratios where the team with 75 are getting really high KD+ where as the low scoring team are usually KD less than 1.0.

K/D is not reported but it’s not difficult to assess when the winning team are ranging 19-4; 17-6; 13-5 etc vs 8-11; 14-16; 12-14 etc
Normally the best players in both teams have good KD then down to the worst with negative on both sides. Balanced. Right now, it’s one team all good, other team all bad. I am checking for parties but there’s aren’t many during the working day.

Until the game stats normalise I’m suspicious a recent update has weakened the multiplayer capability. Not withstanding I can’t hit anything with a shot gun this week even walking up behind a player and pointing at their head! I accept I could be blind. But I’ve had my best scores with a shot gun in the past.
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I’ve been getting a mass amount of hit markers with the 12 gage as well. Somethings up. And I’ve also noticed a LOT of boosting happenening, where one team will kill it first half then stay triple capped second half due to requisitions and come back and take the win 200-199. Speaking here of domination of course. 

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You are absolutely correct. The game has gone to crap. I'm glad I avoided it. I suggest that you and the rest of the CoD community avoid the next several releases. It won't happen because of the fanboys, but whatever.

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