CoD WWII Campaign keeps crashing in Collateral Damage

World War II Xbox One

UPDATE: I tried restarting the mission and it seems to have fixed the problem. It was freeizing right after the plane portion of Battle of the Bulge. I restarted and completed the mission without issue. I hope this helps. 

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Same here. Restarted the level and it played perfectly.  I've done the next problems so far

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my game crashes everytime i try an play Collateral Damage mission and i cant progress any further in game nothing wrong with disc console or updates appears to be a very expensive mistake even buying this game

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Problem solved! In my XBOX1X

1. Re-installed the full game

2. Wait for full installation

3. Do not continue in the check control you left the game. You have to re-start the mission unfortunately 


Now I am playing without crashes.


Good luck!

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I’m having the same problems 

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Don't look for a problem with your system or disc. It's the poor coding in this game. Activision's return policy means that once they have your $$$, you can to go ****. They don't care. Oh, by the way, be sure to pre-order Black Oops IV! It will be different. They will get it right this time!

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