World War II Xbox One

Is there anyone that can fix my connectivity issue it's not on my end

down 7.26>


packet loss o

lat 50 ms

Nat open

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What map and mode did this happen in?

.just to be one step ahead, could you please post a screen cap (pic) showing the results of the speed test when ran from the XB1 .oh, and are you playing on wifi or hardwired? 

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I'm hardwired. playing multiplayer always spectating and if not getting in at the very last second. In the lobby players charectors very slow to load in. Gun camo does'nt show up in game sometimes for several seconds. When spectating other players weapons are'nt visible. Die way to fast and easy. Always stariing at a loading symbol. I was told by activision that it was a connectivity issue on their end. I like the game but this is getting very old been dealing with this for a while now.

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All this happens to me and some. I have 107mb down, over 6 up, zero packet loss and 12 ping. All these details from detailed online status on xbox and the game has turned to poo.

If they don't get this fixed asap I won't be buying the last DLC.

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