Game keeps chraching on mission 3 stronghold please help

World War II Xbox One

having the same stupid problem makes a loud noise over head set and locks up 

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I had this problem I was on chapter 3 stronghold and it froze as I walked into the church just as I kicked it in and it made a buzzing noise then crash and sent me onto the Xbox menu. I was playing on regular and what I did instead of resuming game I restarted and put it on recruit it doesn’t crash anymore idk which of them fixed it probably the restart but thought I’d tell yo exactly what I did just incase 

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It is interesting how for most of us it is at the church in Stronghold. I will try the campaign again from the mission start. If it screws up again, I will demand money back and gladly delete the game. Battlefront 2 is vastly superior and all of it is right where a 2017 game should be.

We need to petition to get sledgehammer removed from the cod rotation. Advanced warfare and this are absolutely low quality and their service is garbage. This game feels like one of the older cods getting off the ground in terms of everything (graphics, hit detection, originality, etc.).

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I’ve got the same issue. Crashes every time I go towards the German tank car. This is the 2nd issue I’ve had with this buggy game and if I can’t play campaign I’m not happy. Games publishers should be held to account when they release code that’s unfit for consumers.

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I keep having the same problem your having and keeps sending me to dashboard

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Any updates so far? The game keeps crashing when the scene starts at mission Stronghold. I cant even restart the mission.

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Yes, It has happened to my game as well. I have no clue what to do either.

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