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make hardcore mode ricochet.reasons.1.people running in front of me when im shooting at enemy.2.uncontrolled airstrikes.3.getting shot when trying to toss grenade.4.when enemy is taking A B or C in dom and you through a grenade and ateammate runs in.

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I used to like ricochet but not so sure now. Everytime some tryhard runs in front and gets shot I'd rather he died instead of me. I don't mind getting kicked from those games so much because chances are they'll lose the game for everyone anyway.

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I prefer ricochet, only because being kicked out of games is just plain wrong. If I screw up in-game, then punish me in-game. Don’t “send me to my room” like a upset parent. I paid for the game, let me play, and let me make mistakes if that’s my thing.


I have a recorded video clip....I was using an LMG with extended mag and escalation (refills your mag on multikills) on Shipment. I was laying into the other team as they were zerging out of their spawn. I was off to the side, shooting along the edge of the map. Had like 3-4 kills in the same long burst, and was keeping newly spawned guys pinned down.


A guy on my team ran directly into my firing line about a meter in front of me.....3 TIMES IN A ROW all during my same clip. He respawned right next to me and just did it again and again. It’s almost as if he was trying. I got 3 headshots on him and it sent me packing.


If you’re going to be an idiot, I shouldn’t have to pay the price.


And I fully expect a few replies saying that I need to change my tactics, because getting kicked is a part of hardcore, and it’s been that way since 1972 etc etc. I admit, that’s a perfectly legit opinion to have, so let’s not get carried away here...

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i only ever play hardcore used to be hardcore dom exclusive but i got so sick of there dumbass team killing rule i switched to ffa and its much more enjoyable i camp spawntrap plant bettys best fun there is outside of sex

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