World War II Xbox One

So if someone stumbles upon my question i really need help. So i redeemed a code for the ww2 beta and it accepted it and gave me the message that it would send me something later towards the beta release date but later on my code was stolen so i went to games stop to upgrade to a different version of ww2 and i tried to enter the new code they gave me and it keeps saying and i quote congradulations for preordering ww2 ENTRY LIMIT. My main concern is the ENTRY LIMIT part does this mean that my code wont work? Please someone answer i need help desperatly so i can play ww2 on xbox.

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Hey xM3ndo7089x.


Sorry to hear that your Beta Code was stolen, hug bummer! Although, since you've already redeemed, the code can no longer be used by anyone else. You should have nothing to worry about, just sit tight and wait for that Beta Token to arrive in your email address. If there is anything else you need assistance ith please feel free to contact us at anytime! 



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