HEY.....SHOOT ME IM OVER HERE! The white marker....

World War II Xbox One

Im not a serious player just play for laughs. Nothing surprises me with ANY cod game and i mean nothing! Hackers/cheaters/boosters/invisible men if it makes you feel good bash on. If this game is ment to b back to basics....please help in the real ww2 did they give soldiers big white arrows with im here on it? What with the BIG WHITE  ARROW next to my name but you dont see nobody elses on....like i say i just play for laughs and pray theres never anothe ww to be called up for.....

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You do know that is only on the kill cam so you can  see where you are?

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Everyone only sees their own arrow. It's only there to show you where you are on the map. Once you hit master prestige it not only shows the white arrow it also shows your rank in bright yellow #s. Which of course has made people start more threads because since it is even more pronounced and noticable they think everyone can now see them through walls. Lol 

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Then remove it, it's not needed and people won't be able to accuse others of cheating, its an absolutely pointless argument causing issue

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