Hit detection lag as of August 2018

World War II Xbox One

I just recorded a video on horde point at Dunkirk of me putting about 13 Rounds into a guy's head before it actually registered two hit markers and he just mowed me down. When is Activision going to fix their hit detection lag? I've got 250 Meg down and 20 meg up internet and I should not be having these issues cuz I'm well above the requirement for internet speeds. This CoD and IW have the WORST hit detection lag in any game I've ever played. Takes 1/4th a clip to even hear my first hit marker sound. Last week I was going 29/8 like, every game (average). Now I'm lucky to get 11/10. Most games are 9/20.

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lags been a problem since the start in ww2 but this month is as bad as its been i play hard core ffa last night was atrocious and no its not my connection the connection is fine on any other game will they fix it i doubt it ww2 is at its end bo4 will get all the attention now and im betting it wont be any better than this was

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I had 4 games last night and gave up. After a long day I just wanted some good games and chill but it just became instantly frustrating.

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I also play HC FFA and the latency has been pretty bad, lots of players with one red or two orange bars in each lobby. There are probably less players online now so your chances of playing with someone thousands of miles away is greater, that nevers helps, plus a lot of players with horrible ping are now playing and the net code seems to have trouble sorting that out. A player with red bars should never go 30-4 and have a lag advantage, but it happens all the time. It won't get any better, it never does at the end of a game's first year.

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