How do I receive access to the private beta after redeeming my pre order code%3F

World War II Xbox One

i have redeemed my 13 digit code on the official call of duty website but im worried because when i redemed the code it said something along the lines of 'your codes are ready' but the resy was just a blank page and now im confused if i will receive the code on release day of the xbox closed beta or through email i would like to know sooner than later.this is making me worry that i may not receive the code, if someone could please reply if they have also expeienced the same problem.

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We are still waiting for the email. What ever  email you signed up with on Activision while using with the beta code. It will be sent when its able to be. Dont worry im still saying... Commmme on alreadddy... So be chill.

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Emails for the Xbox with the Beta token have not yet been sent out, they will be sent later this week and  you will be able to view the code via the link below, once Emails have been sent.

This will provide a25 digit code for you to redeem on the console to allow you to download and play the Beta.

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