How many CLANS will it take for you guys to consider launching CLAN WARs again?

World War II Xbox One

Hello Activision,

I am the Commander from the Glitch FaXtors, Gods of HC Domination. I noticed you guys have a lot of hype going on with this WWII Game soon to be released on Xbox One. My question is, can you guys start up a season of Clan Wars for teams who are not fans of (CORE) World League? Many teams feel that CWL is biased for you have the same teams every year that are only good at CORE Modes. What about the teams who excel at the more Realistic Nodes, the Hardcore Nodes? Since many of us will be paying anywhere from $60 to $128.00 for the game, the DLCs and the Season Passes. If you multiply this by the millions of customers who will be purchasing this game, you will be making a lot of money off of this game. Can you at least give us some fun back in return by offering Clan Wars? I am going to post this on every wall to have Hardcore Players to request this. Once you see how many Clans loved Clan Wars, maybe you will consider it. Most Clan Commanders and Clan mates took pride in showing their gear and records to prove that they played on a Dominant Team. We took pride in this and it would be Great to do this again since you didn't with Black Ops 3 or Infinite Warefare.

Thank you for your time in reading this and to all Clans reading this can you please copy and send this to Activision or add your thoughts to this ONLY if YOU would like CLAN WARs to RETURN..... Peace and Happy Fighting... BeyondLife7 

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