Life long player pissed

World War II Xbox One

I have been playing this game since the original playstation.  Although there were some versions better than others, this was my favorite. However, you keep making so many changes and its starting to ruin the achievement aspect of multiplayer. While I enjoy the game play experience,  for the most part, ie. Quick scope. I diligently put in work to accomplish in-game achievements.  I have always been this way and this is one of many things that draws me back to the game. Now, I am a combat vet that work 60 + hours a week, takes care of a baby, and helps my wife through cancer. Therefore Im not at 30+ days of play time, but I play when I can. I understand the need to make changes in order to keep the experience fair, but don't make changes that result in my not ever being able to complete achievements. For example, I have busted my tail to get all the kills for the prestige, lethals achievement.  I nevwr really pay attention until I'm getting close to completion, so I never noticed the 3 resupply lethal kills in ome game. Since, I wasnt much in to expeditionary divison, I never utilized resupply of lethals. Fix the challenge or delete it all together if you're going to get rid of resupply. 

      The other thing that is pushing me away from this franchise is the fact that I can complete a collection, but not get the reward. I understand special events and what not, but whats the point of wasting money on supply drops, which I've done, to complete a collection and then not get the completion reward. I understand an event ends, so don't let us purchase unlocks, but don't prevent us from completion rewards either.

     Finally, get rid of freaking quick scoping. Someone shouldn't be able to run around on Shipment with a sniper rifle and rack up kills! Absolutely ridiculous!!!

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