World War II Xbox One

Before you read this, sorry if I come across a little ranty. This has been bugging me for a few weeks and it's late so I'm a little tired.


I've played upwards of 10 war games today and each of the teams I have been on has been... less than desirable to put it nicely. Out of those 10 or so matches I came in the top 3 each time, sometimes without really trying that hard, meaning I had a *****ty score (2000ish). And out of those 10 or so games we won maybe 3 matches.


Why are my teams so bad? I'm not some crazy expert player, I'm a casual with mediocre skill at best, 1.24 KD. My win loss record is well below .500 so I'm wondering why I'm put on so many low skill teams. We usually get stomped with very little, if any resistance. Guys flock to one objective and leave me to defend the other by myself.


I just dont understand the consistency with this. I haven't had a competent team in what seems like forever. Is this a matchmaker problem or just bad luck that has lasted for weeks? It's getting old losing every match I play regardless of how much work you put in. It's hard to carry a team when you arent that good.


And before the "the one thing each match has in common is you" comments.... That's my point. I'm not that good at this game but I'm constantly in the top 3. I suck ass at this game. I dont want to be carried by my team but I am tired of trying to carry my team.


Are there ways to avoid having this happen, aside from joining a clan/party?

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Are there ways to avoid having this happen, aside from joining a clan/party?


Nope..It's really hard to beat a party that understands how to communicate and plays to the objective and not just for kills,

If you are playing with randoms.

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Agreed. Find mics and party up. Friend them for the future. Good players working together are tough to beat. My kd is also not great but did you know kd does not include war stats? You could be much higher in war but just not know it.

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