Memory Error after *****ing memory Error. These games are starting to really suck.

World War II Xbox One

So after seemingly fixing the previous memory Error, a new one has arrived. Classic. Memory Error 15 609 is now making my game useless. I can't make it past the 5th wave on Nazi Zombies, my points aren't saved and there is yet again no point to playing this game. Why am I constantly having issues here?

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Same thing!!!  I haven't played in a few months and when I come back, every time I try to play Zombies I get a "memory error" after a few mintues or a "disconneted" error also after a few mintues!!!  My NAT type on both Xbox One and COD WW2 are OPEN!!!  Why????!!!!

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I have the same problem. I have quit playing. I stopped playing for a while, out of frustration from the errors and disconnects. When I came back, all I got was more memory errors and disconnects. My internet is excellent and I have an XBox One S, so it's not system performance. It's the crappy way that this game was coded.

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