New Unlocked Weapons?

World War II Xbox One

I've just noticed that there are new unlocked weapons in Call of Duty WW2.

Each weapon category has a new unlocked weapon.  Does this mean there's a new event coming and what about the old events that still need to be unlocked so everyone can complete their collections?

Clifton Shepherd
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The new weapons are now out in the wild and available via Supply Drops. We are actively keeping an eye on all our social media channels to see how you feel about the release and we hear you loud and clear, friends.

In the past, Collections have been part of themed events consisting of a variety of gear and weapons. As of now, we do not have any plans to release new Collections for WWII. The current weapons update consists purely of weapons with no additional content and were never intended for Collections. Previously, newly released weapons have been offered up for contracts shortly after their release, generally about a month, and that is the plan with the new weapons.

On 7/2, we’re dropping contracts for the new weapons. Additionally, we will briefly open all previous Collections tied to Timed Events (e.g. Winter Siege, Resistance, etc.) and Weapons associated with past Collections will be available for purchase with Armory Credits. So, if you’ve got  ton of credits sitting around are thinking of buying ever single collection or are missing that one gun this post is for you.

As always, we’re grateful for your memes, clips, feedback, and involvement in the community.

Love you all, SHG

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add the new weapons to overloard. we have tons of armory points, and would like to use them to get the new weapons. or at the very least let us purchace drop boxes with the armory points. i have all the collections, and 575k armory points. let us use them.

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since the release of new weapons,I have open 122 crates, supply drops, and not one new weapon, without any new collectables,this seems, very frustrating as i am a advid player, and enjoy the game, very much except black ops 4, I have purchesed every call of duty, and modern warefare since the begining,and i mean everyone..just a little dissapointed, since blackops 4, we seem to be forgotten, the guns are good but can't seem to get them,..plz fix this,..


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