No one has/uses Mics

World War II Xbox One

I always have a mic, but keep it muted. I typically only pipe up to call out enemy locations, or to apologize for team killing. LOL Usually, nobody answeres, but occasionally, if you're respectful, people will start with helpful chatter.


If I've got a rager, I'll mute him, but I don't like to mute all unless I know that there will be no helpful chatter.

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Hey i see that two but i chill in a party while listening to music. There are many ways around the problem. 

1. Group up with friends that have a mic and that play WW2

2. Put in a looking for group post and say Mic required. 

These are two ways you can fix that problem. If you wanna to add me on xbox, my name ion here is the same as my xbox account. Im am a chill guy and i always have my mic pluged in.

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I joined a game yesterday where everyone on my team had mikes, but no-one was using them.

I started to make call outs, then another player started, by the end of the game everyone was doing it and we kicked the other teams arse

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i play without the headset 95% of the time. There’re only 2 reasons I’ll plug it in, about once a week:


1) to talk smack

2) to try and turn a close losing game into a winning game


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