Online service for Reporting Players from in game on Colsoles Is Completely Broken

World War II Xbox One


I am getting sick and Tired of dealing with Haters, Softies, and Idiots trying to act tough and crying to Xbox Live Harassing and threatening Profiles. I have been in neumerous games where I have threatened online and even though I reported them nothing from both Xbox Live and In game nothing happen and so I get a notification to Xbox Enforcement Being the Victim here when I didn't do anything wrong.  I have came across Multiple players who were Sore Losers and Im not going to name them but I have came across multiple players who Abused and Harass players including me on how we speak and nothing wasn't solved to ban them or block them from using their Mic and this needs to be Fixed badly for Console Players. The Reporting system is fine on the Pc but The Lack of Support on the Consoles are not getting help at all.

Please do something to Fix your Report System

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It takes a majority of people to report someone for harrasment, so if they do it all the time they will be baned, if you are sent a hate message then that can be reported and is evidence of breaking the code of conduct and they will have communcations ban put in place asap

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Agreed! The Game Bullies are not being Properly Dealt with nor are the people running Exploits. This week is especially BAD!

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