Player exploit - changed the title as 90% of you don't get sarcasm

World War II Xbox One

This guy seems to be quite good at this game - I think he was just leaving HQ hence the SHG emblem - it was advertising " add me and get to 1000"

I've deleted the player gametag so as not to upset anyone - that means you AMB's oh and the dutch troll


Lvl 1000.jpg

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I gave up on the Leaderboards long ago. In-game or here on the web (My Call of Duty). They are a joke, a bad joke. You can't get any info if you are doing well or not 'cause the broken game itself and the fact that SHG/Activision don't care about glitch/exploit players. There are players on place one with one round played in some game mods. BS And these "players" with this "add me and get to 1000" are the biggest jerks.
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Indeed every Cod leader board there has ever been has been like this, eventually however the guys who do this on XBOX get caught up in sweeps and get trashed.

"Prestige lobbies" are a constant problem as is modifiying game saves, all of which result in account bans and can result in bricking of the hardware by MS.


I only look at them to get a feel for whether I am doing better than I was last week, position and numbers are meaningless.

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