Pre-Ordered after Beta

World War II Xbox One

Can someone tell just about the game, because I was reading others posts and got confused about ahlf of what they were talking about. So can someone just tell me, how was the Beta, and I guess basic stuff. I mean I have played Black Ops 3, but.. idk. If someone responds and it doenst make sense I will jsut wait until it comes out for real.

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you could watch some YT videos of the beta game play and read the comments, might help you decide 

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Be carefull with those YouTubers.

A lot won't say anything wrong because that will be messing with their income.



For my it was almost unplayable because of lag

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No Iag issues myself, I honestly had a ton of fun but then again this type of setting is exactly what i was loking for.  I am pretty done with all futuristic stuff, unless people I get to know will go there.

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I'm going to be blunt with you. It depends ENTIRELY on your system.


If your a console player, it's relatively good. No cheaters to speak of and minimal connection issues. The beta wen't smoothly on console. (Well... for me at least.)


On PC however, it was a mess. At least from what I understand from what everyone says it was FULL of hackers and there were connection issues out the ass. Nothing smooth about it.


I hope this clears it up.

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