Pro Cod WW 2 March Event

World War II Xbox One

Pro Cod WW 2 March Event

Hey guys I have Xbox One to contact me send me a message on xbox - KOX KingOfXbox4. I am looking to make a compettitive Cod WW 2 Game starting Friday or Saturday of the games release we will have tryouts and what not. I am getting game the day it comes out at GameStop. I know the Pro Cod WW 2 events are only on Ps4 so I plan on going to the mlg event in March to spectate and make a lil vacation off of it. I am a lil older then most of you I am 29 from ny and have been following the mlg for 10+ years !!! Please reply to this thread or message me on xbox if interested in trying to make a competitive Cod WW 2 team and if you want to meet up at Cod Pro March Open to hang out and meet! Thanks!


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