Ranked play Suspension

World War II Xbox One

Ranked play Suspension

Couple of friends wanted me to play the ranked play in this game so i gave it a chance after not like the non ranked play at all i actually enjoyed the ranked play, but the problem now is we are getting suspended for no reason at all even if we win a game one of us gets suspended, does anyone know why this is happening we just gave up on this game until this is fixed otherwise we dont play it anymore because ranked is the only thing we enjoy. hope they fix it fast and not wait with it 

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Re: Ranked play Suspension

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Hi there,

Sorry that this is happening. Activision is aware of this and looking into it. Check out this article about known issues for WW2 here. 

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Re: Ranked play Suspension

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What are you doing to compensate players who are experiencing these issues? 


Are you going to give me my 300 MMR back? Are you going to refund my game price? Are you going to do anything for the players that is actually positive? 


Thanks for the 3 years of planning and 2 betas along with 4 months of live game play. Great job overall on the game. Kidding.


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