Renegade Gaming - Recruiting for WWII <XB1>

World War II Xbox One

We are activly recruiting for Renegade Gaming.
Please check out our website and feel free to apply.
Renegade Gaming is not your typical clan. RGX is a gaming community, and a spectacular one at that.

But what about RGX makes it better? RGX is a community based on socialization rather than competition. This means that we don’t require you to battle your way in, or tryout. It doesn’t matter if your K/D is negative or positive all that matters to is us that you have fun when you play. To get in all you have to do is ask and bring a positive attitude.

The best thing about RGX is that we don’t care how you play, only if you have fun playing. Of course, we don’t count competitive gaming out. We do have an elite group of players that like to compete. Taking their skills to the Gamebattles, UMG and MLG level, they are the go-to guys for clan tournaments and clan battles. RGX has the goal of making this the best possible environment for nurturing leaders and creating a fun atmosphere to take part in.

The attitude of RGX is laid back and fun. The leaders will listen and never ignore your opinions, and there are always members willing to help you with anything. Among that, RGX plans to grow, expand, and continue to keep expanding. So far RGX has reached 2 companies, over 170 members and we are rapidly growing. With motivated leaders helping each company mature and grow, there is nowhere to go but UP for this community. There are always opportunities opening up in RGX for you to expand your leadership skills or to show off what you can do in Destiny, Call of Duty or any other multiplayer Xbox One game. We are always open for new members to join us.

RGX isn’t just a gaming community.

We’re a gaming family.

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