Restart Error after Updates.

World War II Xbox One

Is anybody else experiencing an issue in connecting to Multi-player after each of the many updates that this game receives? Every time there is an update (Which there is far too many of) I can’t connect to multi-player.  The Multi-player is sticks at the connecting to online services. I’ve tried turning the Box off & on again – Still Stuck:  Removed the disc, put the disc back in – Still Stuck: Removed the disc and turned the Box off and back on, put the disc back in- Still Stuck: Finally to get it back up and running I have to remove the disc from the machine, power down and disconnect the power brick for 10 seconds and then start all over again.  I don’t have any issues with updates on any other games, just this one.  Is it just me or is everyone having this problem??

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I have the problem but i solve it by going to home, selecting the game, quitting, and restarting.

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happens every tuesday 6pm after the updates switch the box off on at least twice before its sorted

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Same here. Im gettig tired of it too. The game hangs then it says update. Does that. Then it sits and sits and sits. Finally I power the pos down then maybe, maybe then it will boot up. If not its yank the cord and do it again.

Its a 10 or 15 minute procedue every time and I’m sick of it
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