World War II Xbox One

evening guys, have ww2 on preorder from game in the UK but have the standard pack. Want to pre order the season pass in order to get carentan on release date. Any ideas how I can do this or will I need to wait until release day next week?


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Hey man, only thing i can think of is buying the Pro edition from Game as that comes with the season pack and the game and other stuff too? im also getting the standard game from game, not to bothered about the dlc map really as itll come out eventually lol.. if you wanna play sometime add me, my GT is the same as my name here, im from the uk too so looking for other people to play with thats in the same timezones Smiley Tongue
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The Gold edition I purchased comes with season pass, two additional mission packs and few digital goodies.

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Hi mate,
Could you not cancel your pre order with game, get your money back then pre order the deluxe version on the xbox store. Then you can download it all now ready for the midnight start time this coming Thursday. No waiting for the install or downloads.
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