Since the Update, Game Shaky and Laggy

World War II Xbox One

Since the game updated for the new DLC, it seems like it has been Shaky. Or laggy you could say. Almost like your watching satellite and the signal gets slightly interrupted. Am I the only one with this problem? Not every match is like that . Some matches do it all the way through. Others, maybe just a little. But the IS DEFINITELY something up with it since the update.

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It's awful right now. The start of almost every match is grainy. There's no smooth motion. It's all jittery and also a lot of running on the spot then catapulting across the map. You see an enemy and by the time you've registered you're dead. Or you check a street to see no one there so you take a step and get shot by someone running at you as if he just appeared from no where. And then boom. You get a good match, feel pretty good then it's back to cr*p again.

Please please fix asap...

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As of the 23rd of august I dont think we are playing on dedicated servers and hav'nt been for about a week laggy stop start games every day , It's activision using the servers WE have already paid to use being usurped for advertizing PLOPS4 , started getting connection problems a few day's ago but today is really bad

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