Spectating issue for loading into multiplayer game modes and loading standard "Armoured" division uniform for 5 seconds

World War II Xbox One

Do you guys have any spectating issue where you load into a game mode, you choose your class

setup an you put on a stand still for 5 seconds and you spawn in the game with your own uniform

and your teammate has a standard "Armoured" division uniform for 5 seconds.


Do you guys have that issue on Xbox One, for me I have that problem sometimes, are they any suggestions

for hot fixing or patching the spectating issue and same standard "Armoured" division uniform?

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It's happened to me a few times but only if I wait until the last moment to pick a class.  It only stays like that for a little while and it is not a problem.  For me at least.

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the glue  that they used to fix it is breaking down and it's coming back, get it all the time before game starts really sucks in domination

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I had that problem all day Monday, but not yesterday. I'm not sure what the issue is either.
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Just started playing again lately and this spectating glitch happens to me before I start every single MP game on PS4.

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This is an issue, that has plagued the game, from the beginning.  That 5 second "spectating" period is pretty short.  That used to be a lot longer.  There'd be times when you would spectate for 60-90 seconds when the game started.

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