The Purpose of Pre-order

World War II Xbox One

Dear Game Developers:


The reason players pre-order games like Call of Duty: WWII, is so we can have access to it immediately upon release so we can start leveling up and gaining experience.  Also, we want the pre-order bonuses like the permanent weapon unlock so we can have an edge in the game.


So when we do pre-order, but we are not able to get into the game until some 20 hours AFTER THE RELEASE TIME, IT TENDS TO MAKE US PHUCKING PISSED!!  And then, to shove it in a little bit deeper without any lube (i.e. those of us who STILL HAVEN'T RECEIVED OUR PRE-ORDER BONUSES), well suffice it to say, we tend to be less than understanding of the situation.


So, can you people please pull your HEADS OUT OF YOUR PHUCKING ASSES AND FIX THIS SHlT!



Just Another Pre-order Sucker

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