The Question Everyone is Asking About WWII is...

World War II Xbox One

I only brag about my stats from 9- year old games to emphasize that I know how the game works in terms of map design, spawns, perk balance, weapons balance, yatta yatta.


I’d imagine there are tons of nerds like me that stopped playing COD as we have seen it devolve… I understand they are a business and need to cater to the target market of autistic ADHD-diagnosed 12-year-old step-children, but what they don’t understand is that the gamer base is AGING. The kiddies will get their parents to buy them COD regardless of balance… you don’t have to cater to the lowest common denominator.


Just look at MW2 and how lethal it was… arguable the most difficult COD to survive in, and one of the most popular at the time. That was the last COD made before the map design regressed from the standard 3-lane layout to the “CLusterF*ck, headless chicken run-n-gun-hipfire chaos” design because they tried to appease bad kids with a chance to go 3-15 instead of 1-20.


So as the title of this thread suggests… what catastrophic failure will prevent WWII from being somewhat competitive/balanced and appeal to teamwork/strategy as opposed to run and gun nonsense? My money is on Map design… the consistent theme of the past 8 years of the COD franchise is that the devs have no idea how to balance maps, or they deliberately make them chaotic to appeal to the skill-equalization strategy to appease the scrubs.



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4kd in TDM,, well done Smiley LOL

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100% of the Call of Duty fanbase only care about the other players when they agree and only as long as they agree. I complain about removing or crippling anything I can't just run over and you complain about removing or crippling anything you can't run over. The devs listen to us and remove one and severely cripple the other now players have to change to something they aren't used to but we dont. They get put at a distinct disadvantage because of us and it pisses people off. Now you have things that need replacing so we get weirdo gimmicks. If devs listen to players who are just angry because they wanted 25 kills in a row and only got 24 because it's so OP your all doomed.

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