This is Proof this game is less then a year and half old!!!!

World War II Xbox One

It doesnt work. no skins other then camos. only a few maps. graphics are from 2010. not mention the servers sucked when the game worked. litterally the most retarded amount of lag. its funny looking at the cross hairs a foot behind someone but they get the kill lol. Thx for the P2P servers you cheap Mofo's. you only make hundreds and hundreds of millions off these games. 


Look, this game is less then a year and a half old. it has the least amount of content of any call of duty game in comparison. of the modern generation that is. This game is only here in response to the demand.... 

The game is literally broken! its a joke to tell us you spent 3 years working on this. also what is this COD 16 or something? you cant launch a game right? what a joke. 

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