WW2 Zombies broken.

World War II Xbox One

Would really love to play just one game of zombies on whatever map I choose on and not worry about my weapons not loading, or losing connection to the host, or crashing because of a memory error.  Just one game, like back in the old days when you actually got to play above wave 15.  


How is this not fixed yet.  ...The only reason I havent ditched this game yet is because of what I have invested into it.  If you can't or wont pull this issue out of the gutter then you're gonna lose my groups' business at least.


Seriously, why play a game that doesn't work? 

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Agree 100% this is pure bs!! Spent so much money on this game, and the one thing I want to do doesn't even work. I've been told they are working on a fix by Activision support, but honestly wtf, so you realese DLC and have an active community event but you cant figure out how to let people start up a game and stay in it!! I'm about to say screw cod in general! Fortnite is free and they actually constantly realese quality of life updates as well as bug fixes and issues reported by the fans!! I guess if the update doesn't have the potential to make Activision or sledgehammer money they don't gaf!! SMFH!!

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