We're Still Here! And we're Still Recruiting!

World War II Xbox One

Hi my name is [INFO REDACTED] here on a mission to recruit people for our up-and-coming clan for the release of WWII.


The Apex Predators!


Right now we're still small and unknown but together we can build the clan up to be something great. You only need to fill certain requirements if you want in.


  • You must be 18+
  • You have to own or actually be planning to buy the game sometime soon.
  • You have to be okay with streaming or being on a stream. (Same goes for recording clips.)
  • You have to have a semi-active sex life.
  • You must own a headset of semi-decent quality. (And it actually has to work.) (And you actually have to use it.)
  • Have no history of hacking or generally any shady stuff.
  • You must not be a booster. Ever. If your going to just cheat your way to max prestige, you may as well just not play the game.
  • No racism, sexism, age-ism, religion...ism? Okay just generally don't be a *****.

That's all we generally ask. If you can follow these 7 requirements then you are perfectly welcome in the clan!

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