When can we see Hardcore games have Richocet added?

World War II Xbox One

I know, wishful thinking on my part.

There is nothing HC about being allowed to kill your own teammate and ruin their kill streak, 3 times before bring kicked. That's baby stuff. You want HC, it should be one team kill and you're gone. HC isn't HC at all. It's easy mode. They should definitely change the name 

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Hardcore does have some connotation that it's harder or at a higher level than Core. I agree it doesn't... but it is more extreme and has consequences (not as casual). So hardcore is still an appropriate title in my opinion.


If you want to talk about baby stuff... then we could talk about a constant HUD, a bullet count that magically appears in the corner, or bullets that travel through 'certain' players.


Just for your info... I play both modes and appreciate the differences between them.


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wishful thinking was for the sticky, I don't want HC changed in any way.
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So sick of hetting kicked for dicks walking infront of my gun


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