Xbox One S Graphics issue

World War II Xbox One


Okay what the please tell me that I'm not the only one that noticed choppiness the shuddering the crazy ass almost pixelated graphics when you aim down the sights? Somebody fill me in here somebody tell me I'm not the only one

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You aren’t the only one. It’s complete *****
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You arent the only one and i will see how it will look when i get the 1X. In my opinion BATTLEFIELD 1 is way better in all aspects besides the issues they are having at the moment 

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I haven't seen any pixelation but have noticed diagonal line tearing. One S fwiw.

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good i am not the only one noticing this issue. Pixelation on Fire, smoke, and explosions.
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Are you guys all using 4K?  Im using an Xbox One S, however I'm just playing on standard HD and I'm not getting any of those issues at all.

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I am not running 4K, I am running 1080P on a 48 inch flat screen sitting far enough away that I still notice it (8ft).   I have run other games IE battlefield 1, GTA online, The witcher 3 Just as test and they all look fine, beautiful even.  Its an issue with their graphic engine which needs to be fixed.  I know its small but when a grenade blows up in my face and it looks pixelated it bothers me. Especially seeing BF1 does it right. 

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I'm playing on the One X and I noticed serious frame drops and screen tearing.

So disapointed.

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Have anyone consider the "response time" (in ms) of the display? Most TVs have bad response time that will do fine watching TV. 


Personally I always prefer playing on computer display with 2ms response time.

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I'm on ps4 pro with a 4k Samsung mu8000. The fire looks horrible.

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