Xbox One S Graphics issue

World War II Xbox One

Trust me when I say you aren't the only one. I bought a ue590d samsung 4k tv a year ago for like 600 bucks, so id like to think its not a budget monitor, and also bought the xbox one x and I get the same exact thing. Very disappointing. I didn't notice it when I first started the x up and played. I think all the patches they pushed through for the servers messed with the graphics? Its really annoying and turns me off so much I don't even want to play it, and I was having fun.

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It was the 1s even if i had on 4K it looked bad but a lot of the games look aaaaaa lot better on the X even WW2. If you can make the upgrade and have a 4K tv then the price is worth it. And supposedly they will add 1440 in the future.

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i have the some problem. i search everywhere to know if i was the only with this problem until i found this topic ! 

i hope they fix this soon Smiley Frustrated its really annoying 

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Ya man im definitely right there with ya. Not that anyone will ever read this. But why are the graphics on xbox one s for call of duty ww2 so terrible that i cant even play zombies on it. Because i need to see certain parts of maps and read certain things. And the graphics on everything except guns are just big blobs basically .The graphics wont render .Ive reinstalled many times and nothing helps .I also just noticed its the same way with the black ops 4 beta .So i dont know if the makers of call of duty are just trying to get people that have older generations of the xbox one to sell it and upgrade .But its kinda pissing me off .No other game is like this .Its not my tv or xbox .Its specifically these 2 call of duty games. 

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@mrsteelman wrote:

Okay what the please tell me that I'm not the only one that noticed choppiness the shuddering the crazy ass almost pixelated graphics when you aim down the sights? Somebody fill me in here somebody tell me I'm not the only one

That's what you get for your money, from Activision.

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