Xbox Servers Down

World War II Xbox One

So 4 hours ago the servers go down massively and now it's still not fixed. Getting 4128 error code myself constantly. Then when you go and see some more information the god ***** link doesn't even work. If this is the kind of quality people working on fixing the server issues, where is my refund? There's a reason I quit playing CoD 5 years ago, and you have just failed miserably at maybe luring me back as a regular customer.


So, in 4 hours, maybe we get a sentence or two about the problem?

Or.. you know.. *****ing fixed problems maybe?


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Up for me here in southern Ontario, Canada

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I'm in Florida, the server does have issues but I finally got into HQ(noone there) but i did get into 4 TDM's before it kicked me out.

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